May 14th!

I’ve looked forward to and dreaded this day at the same time. I still wasn’t feeling great but I couldn’t wait to get the appointment over with. My Dad is visiting and he insisted on going with us to the appointment, I wasn’t too keen as I didn’t know how I was going to react and I knew it would be really hard on him to see me upset. I got downstairs in the morning and he was already waiting for us. He expressed his desire to go with us again and we eventually agreed.

The ride to the hospital was so quiet, you could have heard a pin drop! We got to the appointment and there was no other patient waiting which was a good thing. I was called into the consulting room a few minutes after we got there and hubby and I went in. I was super aware this time around, I kept looking at the Nurse’s face to see if she would give anything away but she didn’t. She asked about the appointment at the voice clinic and a couple of other routine questions. Once she was done, she informed us that the oncologist would be with us shortly.

He came in all smiles and pleasant as usual. He apologized that I was sent for a repeat scan so soon, turns out his secretary must have mixed that one up. He proceeded to explain the results. The bone scan confirmed that the spots the CT scan picked up were indeed cancer spots. The new CT scan also showed an increase in the volume of the pleural effusion. But on the whole, he was still pretty positive that we’ve got things under control. He explained that some of the spots in the bone were flaring up but he attributed it to the effects of goserelin on the bones. Basically, sometimes the bone scan picks up flares that could be due to the bones trying to repair itself due to the medication I am on. He advised that I start the Letrozole on Monday. In the meantime, he’s going to refer me to a speech therapist to see if they can offer a solution regarding my choking episodes. I will be back to see him on the 24th of June for my second dose of goserelin and so he can assess how I’m tolerating the Letrozole.

I was hoping the bone scan would show that the spots picked up by the CT scan were actually benign but at the same time, I’m glad there were no spots anywhere else in my skeletal system or organs. There’s always something to be thankful for!

I’m still not feeling great so I’m off to bed now. Sorry if there are any errors above, I’m way too tired to read through the write-up at this time.


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