I had the first Zometa treatment yesterday and whilst the actual infusion wasn’t that eventful, the side effects were. The appointment was at 9am and the nurse advised that they will pass the drug over 30 minutes as it was my first time. She told me about the potential side effects and a couple of hours later, I was done.

I had taken a dose of tylenol and ibuprofen prior to the treatment on the advise of my oncologist. I also took in a lot of fluid as I was told that also helps. I went to bed at about 3pm as I wasn’t feeling great and I woke up 3 hours later in severe pain. I was feeling so cold – couldn’t stop my teeth from clattering. I had a fever and my joints and muscles ached really badly. The pain got too much and I broke down in tears, it was like the worst case of flu I’d ever experienced.

Hubby gave me some medications to help and he tried to get me to eat some food. It broke my heart to see him crying just at the sight of me and how much pain I was in. He brought dinner to me in bed and a few hours later the pain subsided enough for me to doze off. I woke up at about 10pm sweating, this was a sign that the fever was breaking. I felt very weak and my tummy ached so bad but I didn’t feel as crappy as I did earlier.

Was still feeling very weak and dizzy after I woke up but didn’t have the time to focus on that as the appointment with the oncologist was at 9:40am. Took a shower, a friend came to get our lil one and off to the hospital we went.


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