Round 2 – Zometa

I’ve been meaning to provide an update regarding my last Zometa infusion but it’s been a pretty busy few days. I wasn’t always one to embrace super busy days but I’ve found that being busy takes my mind off cancer for minutes at a time; I definitely can’t complain about that.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this already but we thought it would be a good idea to buy our own house in Calgary as we absolutely love the city and we hope it will be ‘home’ for a long long time. We began house hunting in October last year and found a house we liked in November. The mortgage approval took what seemed like a lifetime. We finally got the email telling us our mortgage application had been approved a few minutes after we were informed the cancer was back! I remember we were still at the clinic waiting to go in for my first goserelin implant! We couldn’t be happy about the good news as the timing couldn’t have been any more ironic.

In the weeks since we found out the house is ours, I’ve slowly warmed up to the idea of having a ‘project’ I can focus my energy on. With the initial diagnosis in 2010, my masters degree was the ‘project’ I focused on and it was very therapeutic to have something else to pour my energy into. This house has been that for me. The house we rented when we got to Canada was fully furnished. That has meant we’ve had to buy everything from scratch! As expensive as that has been, it’s kept me busy and that’s why it’s taken me about a week to update on my last Zometa infusion.

So….my appointment for the infusion was at 8am. That meant we had to take my little one to a friend’s for a sleepover as there was no way we could fit the drop off into the plans for that morning. Basically, my friend lives on the other side of town and she’s got two kids which meant school runs in the morning. I teared up on the drive home after dropping her off when I realized she would be turning 10 months the next day and I won’t be with her in the morning like I’ve been every single month since she was born. I knew it wasn’t a massive deal in the grand scheme of things but it wouldn’t have been my preferred choice and I hated cancer for putting me in that situation.

Based on how I felt the last time, my friend decided to take the day off work so she could watch little one for the whole day in case I wasn’t feeling well enough after my treatment. I remain grateful for the love and support of friends and family.

Hubby and I set out for the clinic at 7:30am as finding a place to park is usually a bit of a nightmare. We got to the appointment with about 5 minutes to spare and since I knew the drill, it wasn’t as scary this time around. I was called in at 8:05am and hubby got to go in with me this time! The line was set up successfully with no vein related incidents – yay! The nurse agreed to pass the drug over 30 minutes as extending the duration of the infusion is known to reduce the chances of side effects.

I was glad my hubby was able to come in, we chatted and laughed and before I knew it, the 30 minutes was up! We left the clinic and I was advised to take a lot of fluid as this is also known to help. Hubby wasn’t able to take the whole day off as the notice for the appointment was short. He dropped me off at my friend’s so she could keep an eye on me and get in touch if I started experiencing similar side effects as the last one.

We got to her house at about 9:30am and I finally got to give my lil one a big fat kiss 🙂 Hubby and I had agreed to take a more proactive approach this time and I was on top of my pain killers and fluid intake. I stayed awake till about 3pm before going down for a nap. I slept for a couple of hours and I felt fine when I woke up. I think the excitement of not coming down with fever or chills got to my head and I went crazy with activities! I helped my husband set up the baby gate when we got back home and did some bits and bats before going to bed.

I woke up on Friday morning feeling very achy and tired but nothing like I felt the first time around. With some more painkillers to the rescue, I was pretty good by noon. I can’t tell you how happy it made me that I experienced minimal side effects this time around. I’m likely to be on  Zometa for about 18 months and it matters to me that my quality of life isn’t compromised significantly. Being weak and achy for a week each month like I experienced last month wasn’t part of the plan and I’m glad I didn’t experience anything like it this time around. Fingers crossed future infusions will be even more ‘uneventful’.

I’m off to bed now as I’ve got an appointment for my second goserelin implant tomorrow morning. I will also be seeing my oncologist to discuss how I’m getting on with the treatments and side effects. Talking about side effects, I wake up most nights drenched in sweats! It’s hard to tell if this is due to menopausal related symptoms as a result of the many treatments I’m on or if this is just the onset of Calgary summer playing a trick on me. Guess time would tell…


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