Left type 1 Thyroplasty

It seems like forever ago when I learnt that the hoarseness in my voice was unlikely to rectify itself. Between then and now, I have lost count of how many discussions I’ve had about my voice. Funny how my voice never really made it into conversations for the first 31 years of my life and suddenly, it’s become the crux of most conversations I’ve had in the last year – I can’t wait for that to change!

I recall that exactly two years ago today, I was preparing for a major surgery; the most difficult procedure I have done to date. I was surprised when I got the letter for this surgery and it fell on exactly the same day – October 8th. I don’t care terribly about numbers and to be honest, I find it more amusing than anything else that I’ve had two surgeries scheduled for the same date although two years apart. What I’m a little frustrated with is having to undergo another procedure – I could do with no having any more surgeries for the rest of my life!

I haven’t spent time thinking about the procedure as I really have no energy to expend on worrying. I’m all packed for the hospital, I even remembered to take my favourite comfy PJs. I don’t have to be at the hospital till 10am tomorrow which is great as I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow before heading to the hospital. Only annoying thing with the timing of the surgery is that I can’t have anything to eat or drink after midnight and the actual procedure isn’t till 1:05pm – that means almost 12 hours on an empty tummy before I actually go in for the procedure – boo!

In terms of recovery, I will spend a night at the hospital and should be home by Friday. I will have to rest my voice for a few days after the procedure so no coughing, laughing, talking or taking anything apart from fluid. I have a week off work and I’m hoping that gives me enough time to rest the voice and hopefully get over the hoarseness that is expected for the first few days after the procedure.

Off to bed now, need all the rest I can get. Wish me luck for tomorrow 🙂


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