…I don’t think I ever appreciated the strength in those words until tonight. The word WE especially in the context my husband tends to use them means so much more than a simple two letter word. It means strength, it means unity, it means support, it symbolizes unconditional love, it means “we are in this together”, it means “I choose you and every one of your baggage over and over again”, it means “I will stand by you every single day for as long as we both shall live”.

Not sure what it was about his prayers last tonight that just reminded me of how incredibly lucky I am to have this amazing man to walk this path with me. Maybe it was the point he said “……Lord, we commit the next two weeks into your hands especially all the tests and scans WE’ve got coming up….” That little sentence he said to God resonated so deeply with me for some reason. Maybe it’s because, there is no doubt that I am the one having the tests and scans done but to him, the details doesn’t matter as we are in this together.

I hate this path I’m walking on, I hate that even with the best intentions, the people I love so much get hurt just by seeing me in pain; sadly, this has happened a lot in the last few days. However, the one person that it breaks my heart for the most is my husband because I know how much he does all he can to make me happy. I honestly have no doubt that his one mission in life is to make me and our beautiful daughter happy and it breaks my heart when I see the hurt in his eyes when he can’t accomplish this due to reasons beyond his control.

I was feeling a bit sad after we finished our prayers when I heard him say “isn’t it beautiful that we are still so happy in spite of everything we are going through”. In that moment, my sadness turned into happiness. Life might throw whatever challenges it likes along our way but we know within our selves that as long as we have each other, we will overcome! Pending when our victory becomes evident for us and all to see, we will not forget to dance like no one is watching or to smile at each other’s ‘funny’ jokes or chase each other round the house because it doesn’t matter how good or bad we think our life is, what matters is that we are lucky to have each other and that in itself, is all the reason we need to make the best of this journey and make incredible memories along the way.

Thanks for loving me completely!


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