If there was ever an hashtag that summarizes this journey I’m on…it will be #ScanWaitTreatRepeat!

Today kickstarted that sequence again, I had another CT scan and the experience was more funny than anything else. The radiologist had a sense of humour and I think a lot of what she said that would normally have rubbed me off the wrong way didn’t; maybe I’m growing a thicker skin!

As usual, finding my vein didn’t happen at the first poke and she thought it was hilarious to crack a few jokes about me and my veins so she called me a “skinny minnie”, and the “skinny girl with no veins” amongst other things – see, I told you she was hilarious!

She managed to find my veins on the second poke and asked if this was my first time having a CT scan or if I was a “Frequent Flyer” to which I said “sadly the latter”. I realized in that moment that my story had changed; I’d gone from having those tests and scans for the first time five years ago to becoming what you can call a “frequent flyer” as far as hospital appointments, tests and scans went – what a sad realization!

I wasn’t perturbed by anything she said and I think that’s because of how I felt in myself. I’ve had a very rough few weeks. In summary, I went from having gastritis prior to the surgery to having the  pain from the the surgery and the associated recovery, to being back on gastritis cos of pain meds from the surgery, to having intense pain due to the pleural effusion, to having to go to the emergency to get the pleural fluid drained, to more gastritis, to costochondritis which is a complex name for muscoskeletal pain (possibly due to Letrozole).

The summary of that is, I take treatments for cancer, those treatments have side effects like joint aches and hot flashes, I take more meds to counter those, those ‘counter-meds’ have side effects such as gastritis and then I take more meds to counter the side effects of the ‘counter-meds’! I feel like I need to draw a flow chart to illustrate the effects and counter effects of all the drugs I’m on!

I woke up this morning and for the first time in almost four weeks, I felt fine! My amazing husband who doubles as my ‘personal physician’ did a lot of research before we finally found something that seems to be working – whoop whoop! I was feeling so great this morning that I’m convinced nothing could have dampened my mood.

Once I was done with the CT scan, I went shopping! I have an obsession with blazers now so I picked up another one (making it the third in a month but whose counting :)), picked up a thicker pair of leggings for myself, got a couple of things for my little one (not my fault – way too many cute outfits for a little girl!), got an outfit for my family doctor’s baby – she is back from maternity leave next week, I also got a scarf for the family doctor who has been taking care of me for the last few months – she’s done an incredible job and I will miss her when she’s gone. That rounded up my shopping trip.

The waiting part of my #ScanWaitTreatRepeat hashtag has officially started; roll on Thursday! I have a calm feeling about the upcoming appointment because of how rough the last few weeks have been. I have a feeling this scan would show the treatments are working and in addition to not having any new spots, the old spots would have reduced significantly. My theory is, these last few weeks couldn’t have been that rough if there wasn’t a silver lining lying in wait for Thursday. Yup, I’m a crazy optimist!

I have listened to this song so much in the last few days and it’s helped me through a lot of ‘unclear moments’. Please listen to the song Colton Dixon – Through it all , I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

P.S. I think all the nurses/radiologists that have had any interactions with my vein(s) feel this way after the ‘experience’



5 thoughts on “#ScanWaitTreatRepeat

  1. Lol at the photo at the end! Eti a gbo re Leni! I pray for continuous peace of mind for you! And me I’m counting o.. Those Blazers may have grown legs when I visit but I am not skinny! Lol and baby girl outfits are just too cute!!! Sending you warm hugs. As always, hang in there!


    1. Haha! Don’t mind the lady that called me a skinny minnie, I’m sure the blazers would fit just fine, although that is not granting permission for them to grow legs though 🙂
      Thanks for the support and for your thoughtful comments 🙂


  2. Sparkle

    Thanks dear for sharing this song as the stories were really inspiring and all I could do was pray that you would also have your testimony of divine healing. I trust our faithful God to show Himself strong in your life. May all His promises concerning you come to be, they will not be cut short and you will live on to glorify His Name in the land of the living.
    I love you missy, always have, always will….


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