Tunnelled Pleural Catheter

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, it’s been a crazy few days to say the least and I will do my best to update on the craziness that has been my life in the last two weeks or so.

Moving on from my last post, my Oncologist referred me to the dyspnea clinic (they deal with people who have difficulty with breathing) in order to get a chest tube inserted. The chest tube is called a


catheter and the procedure is called “Tunnelled Pleural Catheter”. I included an image that shows a snapshot of what the process entails, it’s not a great picture in terms of it’s clarity but you should get the drift 🙂

The procedure was performed on November 4th and was uneventful except that a million people kept coming in and out of the room throughout the procedure. The area is number with local anaesthetics and the a small incision is made and the pleurX is tunnelled through this hole. Once the insertion was done, a bottle similar to the one in the image above was attached to the tube to drain some fluid. They were able to drain about 500cc before I started feeling some tightness in my chest. They stopped at this point, dressed up the catheter with gauze and some foam and that marked the end of the procedure – or so I thought!

Immediately after the procedure was complete, I started feeling a lot of chest pain. I was told the pain should resolve by the end of the day but that I could take a couple of Tylenol tablets if it didn’t.

Well, it didn’t and by Friday November 6th, I was back in the emergency!


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