It’s my birthday!!!

Okay, that title and the three exclamation marks after it is in no way reflective of how I used to feel about my birthdays. For some reason, I convinced myself a good few years ago that birthdays were a celebration of achievements and nothing more. To be honest, I think I was raised that way and I grew up thinking I never achieved enough in any one year to justify being crazy excited about my birthday.

My other main reservation about my birthday was that I was a January baby. I didn’t like that my birthday was right after the Christmas and New Year celebrations. To complicate things further, I always went back to school the week of my birthday – attending a boarding high school didn’t exactly help with this.

All in all, I never looked forward to my birthday and I especially never liked telling or reminding anyone about my birthday (Facebook hasn’t helped much with this in recent years). That all changed this year!

On reflection, I believe the changes started when I started dating my husband. He always made sure we did something super special on my birthdays. He also gets an A+ for his ability to get me the most perfect gifts and he is done this for the last 5 years. Knowing I have him to share my birthdays with has slowly changed my perception of birthdays in the last few years. He also spent a great deal of time earlier on to assure me that I should embrace my birthdays as opposed to dreading them. He tells me all year round how proud he is of my achievements and I eventually started believing him!

What I didn’t realize in all that time, even after the initial cancer diagnosis was how priceless the gift of life is. I realized I had taken being alive and being able to celebrate another birthday for granted. If there’s anything I’ve learnt in the last nine months, it’s the realization of how mortal I am. I have a new appreciation for life and I am embracing this birthday with open arms. I am incredibly excited to be alive and strong, I am blessed with the best husband and the happiest little girl anyone could ask for.

I made a conscious effort to tell people my birthday was coming up, I was able to tell three people today and that made me so happy. It was probably the first time in my life that I would volunteer this information without being asked. Knowing what I know now, I am pretty certain I will not take another birthday for granted. I have a new appreciation for life and I am excited about celebrating every single one of them in the many many decades ahead of me.

It’s 12:00am in Calgary and it’s officially my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband is waiting up so I can open my presents – I bet he’s picked out the best gifts as he always does. What he doesn’t know is that I have got the best gifts I could wish for in him and our daughter!

Please say a prayer for me today for good health, long life and a lifetime of happiness xxx



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