Staring out of the window this Tuesday morning

I take in the beauty of all that is around me

The whiteness from the snow

The seemingly grey clouds but you can catch glimpses of the blue sky and even a hint of sunshine if you look long enough

The cars that drive by; some adhere to the 50km/h speed limit while others don’t

I can’t help but wonder what everyone is up to

Why are some people in such a hurry and while are others are not?

What is tugging away at their hearts this morning?

The fear of losing their home because they lost their jobs?

The fear of a losing a loved one to sickness or accident?

The excitement of starting a new job?

The joy of meeting up with friends for lunch?

Trying to mentally decide on the dress to wear to the wedding this weekend?

Worrying about how to help a loved one through a difficult time?

What intrigues me about all this is how impossible it is to know what anyone is going through just by looking at them

The person with the biggest smile might be caring the weight of the world on their shoulders

Someone with the nicest clothes and car might be a step away from bankruptcy

Someone with the ‘fittest’ of bodies and who looks like the poster child for good health might be dying of a horrible disease

The person that works with babies and kids all day might be breaking inside at the thought that they would never be able to have a child

How much different would life be if we could know exactly what people are going through just by looking at them

Maybe then we won’t make those ‘innocent’ comments that break their already fragile hearts into tiny little pieces

I will go back to staring out the window

And I will make up stories about the lives of total strangers

I know I will be nowhere near understanding what they are going through

But it will help take my mind off the appointment I’ve got on Thursday

I will wish for every one of those strangers that their wishes and dreams come true

And I will hope there is someone somewhere saying a similar prayer for me



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