Dyspnea Clinic

I totally forgot I had my routine three monthly check up at the dyspnea clinic until about 11pm last night when Google calendar sent me a gentle reminder on my phone. Since I completely forgot about it, hubby wasn’t aware to take the morning off so I went for the appointment alone. To be honest, it was going to be a basic routine appointment so I was glad in a way that I had forgotten to mention it 🙂

Good news, I woke up and chest pain was again – yay! Appointment is always preceded by a chest Xray at 8am. Shower and quick breakfast later, I was out of the house at 7:45am – yup, I’m great with time keeping like that! I got there bang on 7:59am and sat there for about 10 minutes before I was called in for the chest Xray. I could do one of these X-rays in my sleep so it was uneventful.

Once I was done at the labs with the Xray, I moved to the dyspnea clinic waiting area and was called in at about 9pm. I am sort of a superstar at the clinic because of all the pain I had after the chest tube was inserted (think 1 week long hospital stay!) so everyone knew me and they asked how I was feeling and all. I was glad to report the pain from the site was almost all resolved – the pain IN the chest is a story for another day. The nurse that attended to me asked if I was a model – yup, I’m apparently hot like that! Told her I wasn’t and sadly, wasn’t considering pursuing that career option but it was nice to get the compliment since the last thing I felt was ‘modelly’ 🙂

The doctor came in next and he explained that Xray still showed a lot of fluid build up in the pleural space 😦 I found this a bit surprising as the nurse drained almost half a litre of fluid yesterday. Apparently, the quantity that was drained yesterday pretty much made no difference so he asked the nurse to drain some more fluid today. She ended up draining another 500cc before I started feeling symptomatic. The doctor recommended that I have the home care nurse come to the house three times instead of the current twice a week with the hope of getting more fluid out. Apparently, my left lung is pretty much collapsed and he thinks more frequent draining would give it some room to expand.

That obviously wasn’t the news I was hoping for but I guess I haven’t been on the new chemo long enough for its efficacy to be proven. It usually takes about three months of starting a new treatment to be able to get a feel for how effective it would be so I will just have to wait for a couple more treatment cycles and h

ope the Xeloda starts helping to control the fluid build up.


Update on my new diet, I am slowly loving the idea of juicing and blending! And for some strange reason, it seems to be working wonders for my appetite. I’m basically eating round the clock and hungry as soon as I wake up in the morning. Best part is, there are so many yummy recipes on the internet so the juices and smoothies are actually yummy. Good thing is, I get to pack a lot of fruits and vegetables into a a 16oz cup that I probably would ordinarily not eat in a week so if you ask me, it’s a win win situation all around! Here’s the recipe for the yummy smoothie I made last night:

SPINACH ORANGE SMOOTHIE: Since I was having it at night, I skipped the hemp seeds and added some pineapple slices instead – yum, yum, yum!



One thought on “Dyspnea Clinic

  1. Recipe sounds yum! And well done, sounds like you are doing well on your new diet. Sorry to hear the pain is still there and the fluids as well :(. I hope with the new treatment we will begin to see improvements.

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