It’s been a ‘little’ while!

It’s been almost three months since I wrote a post and to say it’s been a crazy few months would be the understatement of the year. I’ve had the roughest half of the year imaginable and I topped that with a month long admission at the hospital. The month I spent at the hospital has been my worst to date and everything that could possibly go wrong health wise did.

Things got so bad two weeks into my admission that my oncologist (who is always so optimistic) was scared I wouldn’t make it. I felt extremely weak in my body but mentally, I felt strong and knew I was going to make it. My mental strength and faith kept me going on many of the days when my physical body was weak and sick.

Two weeks into my hospital admission, my oncologist decided to switch my treatment from Taxol to a combination of Carboplatin and Gemcitabine. The switch and the many prayers from all my friends and family seemed to do the trick as I started to feel better. The femur pain and difficulty breathing were the first to go. Next was the liver pain and difficulty swallowing. My blood work stopped trending downwards and I started to gain a bit of strength. My oncologist was amazed at my recovery each day and two weeks into the new treatment, I was cleared for discharge!

My oncologist, nurses and a few other friends and family who knew how sick I got were pretty convinced the new treatment was working but I was afraid to believe – to have hope. Prior to the hospital admission, I had this belief that no matter how bad things got, I would be fine – WE would be fine. However, seeing how quickly things got bad at the hospital, my belief system was shaken to its core. When I was discharged, both my physical and my mental body needed to recover.

The road to recovery has been a long one but I am thankful at how far I have come. Friday was the first CT scan to assess how the new treatment is working and I am relieved to say it is working great! The pleural fluid and mets have reduced, the mass in the mediastinum is about a quarter of its size and the ‘cyst’ in the liver has reduced.  My blood work is also showing great improvements and most notably is my albumin which is up from 13 to 28. Hubby and I are happy and relieved to FINALLY have a treatment that is working – a year and four treatments later! We pray for long term stability with minimal side effects on this treatment.

The road to recovery continues and I’ve got a few appointments to hopefully sort out the lymphedema in my left arm. My haemoglobin has dipped very low making me anaemic, I have an appointment on Tuesday for some blood transfusion. My strength is slowly building up but I still have a way to go.

All in all, I am happy and grateful for where I am and I am slowly starting to believe again. Wish me continued luck on the new treatment!


One thought on “It’s been a ‘little’ while!

  1. A huge phew! Well done super woman, you are a great inspiration. I continue to pray for your physical strength and mental strength and most importantly your spirit to continue to keep you going! You are doing well and cheers to good news! More cheers to even better news in the future mwah!

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