It’s a new year!!! (Well, we are technically 19 days in but who is counting!)

I’m hoping to be better at updating my blog this year but we all know how new year resolutions go haha! 2017 is shaping up to be a much better year than 2016 and that is amazing. I am feeling as good as I’ve felt in a long time. I have more energy and I find myself lifting up my lil one without wincing. I had the most amazing birthday this year. The best part so far? Found out last week that my current treatment regimen is still working and keeping things stable!

In the spirit of embracing my new age, I decided to have a photo shoot. I got professional make-up done and went all ‘supermodelly’ in the studio! What I learnt from the session? Not everyone is meant to be a supermodel (good thing I stuck with Engineering – thanks Dad!)

Today makes it 7 years since my initial diagnosis and it would have been great for it to have been a celebration of how far I’ve come. It’s sad that it isn’t that but I wasn’t prepared to dwell on my loses today so instead, I spent hours cuddling a friend’s beautiful new baby, engaging in some retail therapy (that is obviously the solution to everything!) and making some precious memories with my lil missy. I believe strongly that if we look deep enough, we can always find something to be happy about although I would be the first person to admit it’s not always easy.

I started a volunteering job last month. It has being  really good for me to get back into the work environment even if for only a few hours a week. With my health picking up, I plan to do so much ‘fun’ things this year. Painting, crocheting, dinners, movies, regular mani-pedis are just some of the activities I’ve got lined up.

Talking about health picking up, the air in my pleural space has resolved so I’ve been granted the permission to get on a plane again woohoo!!!!!!! We are planning a trip next month and I feel like visiting every continent in the world – I doubt our bank account would share in the sentiment though.

Like I wrote above, this year has gotten to a great start and I believe it would only get better from here 🙂


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