Update 1 of x

There will probably be a series of really short updates in a bid to keep everyone as in the loop as possible.

We got to the hospital at about 7am this morning and had a consult with the spine surgeon who I warmed up to immediately. He basically rehashed what the radiation oncologist had explained on Friday and similar to the oncologist, his greatest concern was how to keep me ventilated during the procedure.

He explained that having the  surgery is definitely the way to go and he believes my case is an emergency. As such, he’d try and get me in as as soon as possible. In order for things to move faster, I’d need to be placed on admission. As at the time we left the hospital, there were no beds available for me. Plan will be for the nurses to get in touch once a bed is available.

Once I’m on the ward, I will meet with the anesthesiologist and the pulmonary doctors and we will all sign an undertaking that we understand the complications of the surgery and we are happy to proceed in spite of the associated risks.

The surgeon believes that given the nature of the surgery and my lung issues, a surgery during the day would be preferable to one in the evening. Based on that reasoning, I have a feeling the surgery won’t be till tomorrow.

That’s were things stand at the moment. I’m back home, about to have some yummy breakfast, got a chance to give my lil one loads of extra cuddles and kisses and depending on how the rest of the day pans out, I might go puppy shopping!!!!


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