Update 2x

I’m in…! Would never have thought that I would find the possibility of being admitted at the hospital a positive thing but I had no idea this would be life either 😦

I got a call at about 12:30pm that there was finally a bed available for me. Hubby, lil miss T and I just popped in to a pet store to have a look at some puppies – I’ve been having the mind to get a puppy for a couple of years now but I think I might actually bite the bullet this summer. I fell in love with this little cockapoo and I think I see a little puppy in our future!

We stopped at a couple of car dealerships but couldn’t really have a browse as we knew I had to get to the hospital. I got in, pretty familiar with the admission process. I’m on the acute spine ward in the surgical unit.

The nurse on duty did some basic tests – heart rate, pulse, BP etc. I’ve got an EEG done, heart is fine if you ignore the tachycardia. Nurse also did a couple of sensation tests which was pretty much pricking my toes and foot to see if I have any sensations left.

Next from a resident from the Pulmonary team. He expressed the same concern regarding the impact my collapsed left lung would have on the surgery but he thinks from a pulmonary point of view, there’s really nothing they can do to reduce the risks and it will be ultimately down to the anesthesiologist in terms of how to proceed.

Hubby just took the lil one home and he would be back with some dinner for me in a couple of hours. I had a restless night so I imagine I’d probably doze off soon – pain permitting. I doubt the surgery will go ahead today but I think the plan will be to get me in as soon as possible in the morning.

I’ve got this song on repeat:


4 thoughts on “Update 2x

  1. Kemisola

    We trust God that all will go smoothly and you will be back home much better and stronger before you know it!!!! #inyourfacedevil 🙂

    Btw, Puppy looks so cute!!! Timi would want to live with you forever once you get the dog!!! And I will be so glad to let you have him 🙂


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