Pain like I’ve never known

Today has to be the worst day I’ve had in a pretty long time. It’s 1:38am and I’m currently lying upside down on the hospital bed and balling my eyes out due to the amount of pain I’m in.

Pain meds are not helping, heat packs are not offering any relief. It feels like my hips are on fire. How does one escape from one’s body? I just need some relief even for only half an hour so I can get some rest.

This surgery can’t come soon enough as I’m pretty certain I can’t deal with this pain much longer! 😦


3 thoughts on “Pain like I’ve never known

  1. Kemisola

    My prayer..
    Dear Lord, I pray for my friend just as your Word tells me to pray, for healing. Please touch my dear BFF today. Let her kniw that you are there even through this. Give her strength and comfort her with your peace and your presence. We trust you Lord to perfect all that concerns her. Amen!


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