One more sleep…

My greatest concern about coming to the hospital this time was the fear of other complications arising which could have resulted in a significantly lengthy stay. Good news is that I have had confirmations from multiple sources that I am getting discharged tomorrow!

I’ve been on so many difficult paths on this cancer journey but the last couple of days have won hands down. I’ve felt the most pain ever. I’ve cried the most. I’ve been the most discouraged and deflated I have ever felt. However, learning there’s only one more sleep left at the hospital instantly makes it all better. Being out of the hospital is like therapy to my soul so I have no doubts it will be onwards and upwards from here.

Main pre discharge activities are:

Switch me from intravenous meds to oral meds with the plan of slowly weaning me off in the next few days. We started the process this afternoon

Now that I am no longer hooked to machines, I was able to take a short walk with hubby albeit on very unsteady legs and I was more aware of the pain from the surgery

I’ve got a CT scan of the head, chest, abdomen and pelvis scheduled for tomorrow. Think the timing of the CT scan will be the main determinant in terms of what time I go home tomorrow

Final check would be to see how much of a pain free night I have tonight on the intravenous meds. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly tomorrow and I am home and in my bed in no time.

Still feeling very groggy so off to bed I go. Will provide an update tomorrow regarding the discharge tomorrow.

Thank again for all the show of love and support. We have an amazing support system and we do not take any of the blessings in our life for granted. Good night and God bless you!


5 thoughts on “One more sleep…

  1. Bella

    Dear Sumbo, I’m so pleased that the surgery was a success and there are no complications!!

    I am trusting God that you will be released tomorrow.

    God is so awesome & you are so amazing!!

    Stay blessed xx

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