Eyes wide open

One of the hardest of being in a lot of pain is the loss of sleep. Anyone who knows me know that I don’t joke with my sleep but that has been taking a back seat lately. I can’t remember the last time I had a good night sleep.

It’s 4:01am now and I’ve been up since 2:59am. Trying desperately to fall back asleep but not having much luck so I made my way here to provide an update.

What’s bothering me and keeping up at night is the pain in my left foot. It feels super heavy, hot and very sore. I’ve taken a nerve pain medication to see if that helps but for now, I’m open to suggestions on how to fall asleep despite being in excruciating pain….


7 thoughts on “Eyes wide open

  1. Funmi

    Awww, sorry lady!

    I suffer from water retention in my feet all year round, summer heat is hell for me because my feet are permanently swollen, sore and heavy and the meds I’m on give me similar symptoms you describe so I know a bit of the struggle.

    As well as taking codeine (I take 30mg), elevate your feet everywhere you go – at home, have them elevated above waist level ( 3-4 pillows should get you there), if you’re out and about and not the driver sit in the back of the car and prop them on pillows. I also use an emolient cream called diprobase (there’s also another one, when I get home I will check out the name and ask deebade to tell it to you), it’s an over-the-counter cream and it’s very soothing and healing for skin. You can even use it as bathing soap! I hope you can get them where you are! Also use the cream for gentle foot rubs before bed so that there’s enough circulation in your feet.

    In terms of shoe wear – I live in Adidas sliders! They’re like walking on soft pillows.

    Also if you’re able to at this time, try drinking more water in summer.

    Sending you prayers and hugs every day!

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    1. Hi Funmi, I’m so sorry about the fluid retention issues you have. I had it pretty bad last year with both my feet and I remember how uncomfortable and painful it could get, I pray you get some relief soon.
      I didn’t think I could apply some of the tips for fluid retention to my on going issues with my foot so many thanks for pointing that out. I will try the elevation as well as the cream when I get the name. Trying to increase my fluid intake cos of the radiation treatment I’m on but I’m hoping they helps with the foot as well.
      I will go through your comments again to see if I missed anything. Thanks so much for sharing, I really appreciate it as I’m pretty desperate. Will be praying for relief for you as well xxxx


  2. Funmi

    Oops I realised I missed the entry on spinal radiation and was writing based on the “looking so good post surgery” blog! Praying sincerely that lying down, your pelvis and subsequent sessions are not as painful and you start to feel better again. xx

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  3. Kathy

    Awwwwwww you poor thing. I wish I knew an answer for you but I don’t and I’m not even going to try. The one thing is when you are up at that ungodly time in the morning. Text me and we can chat. When I too am up I will text you back. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    Hopefully you did sleep after writing this!

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