Bone Radiation

The last few days have been accompanied by a lot more pain than I envisaged. I was of the opinion that I would start to feel significant relief once the spinal tumour was removed and the surgery site healed up. Whilst the shooting pain from the hips to my toes which was the most brutal …

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“…maybe a month away from paralysis…”

It's official, cancer scares the c*** out of me! I'm so floored right now! The ups and downs are exhausting. Even more exhausting? The way things creep up on you!!! Yesterday started like a 'normal' day in cancer land. Nerve/bone pain was winning as it has been for the last few weeks. I half dragged, …

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“I cannot tell you not to be worried…”

I was watching the fourth season of Downton Abbey with my hubby tonight as we have this long standing tradition of watching a show every day at bedtime. We've gone through a good few series so let me know if you need any recommendations, but I digress. The phrase I've used above resonated with me during …

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