“Wow! You look so good…”

Yesterday was my first post-op appointment with the spine surgeon and those were the words he screamed at me from across the room after doing a double take to be sure it was me 🙂 🙂 🙂 To be fair though, lying in an hospital bed upside down, bawling your eyes out, screaming through the …

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“…maybe a month away from paralysis…”

It's official, cancer scares the c*** out of me! I'm so floored right now! The ups and downs are exhausting. Even more exhausting? The way things creep up on you!!! Yesterday started like a 'normal' day in cancer land. Nerve/bone pain was winning as it has been for the last few weeks. I half dragged, …

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“I cannot tell you not to be worried…”

I was watching the fourth season of Downton Abbey with my hubby tonight as we have this long standing tradition of watching a show every day at bedtime. We've gone through a good few series so let me know if you need any recommendations, but I digress. The phrase I've used above resonated with me during …

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