It's 4:34pm now and I am still waiting to go into surgery. Waiting requires a fair amount of patience and as it turns out, patience is not my strongest virtue. Following on from my last update, I had the worst possible night - I did not a catch a wink of sleep. I experienced the …

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Pain like I’ve never known

Today has to be the worst day I've had in a pretty long time. It's 1:38am and I'm currently lying upside down on the hospital bed and balling my eyes out due to the amount of pain I'm in. Pain meds are not helping, heat packs are not offering any relief. It feels like my …

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“…maybe a month away from paralysis…”

It's official, cancer scares the c*** out of me! I'm so floored right now! The ups and downs are exhausting. Even more exhausting? The way things creep up on you!!! Yesterday started like a 'normal' day in cancer land. Nerve/bone pain was winning as it has been for the last few weeks. I half dragged, …

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